Business Continuity


Did You Know?

7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within one year.

(Source: DTI / Price Waterhouse Coopers)

Business downtime is costly! Gartner estimates the cost of downtime for computer networks to be at least $42,000 per hour.

A survey by CA Technologies showed that 35% of respondents think that downtime can harm customer loyalty.

Now more than ever, business downtime is not an option. You need to be able to access your data and applications anytime and anywhere even when you have a server failure or even if your physical hardware has been completely destroyed.

What does business continuity mean to you? It should mean no business downtime, even in the event of a natural or technical disaster.

Odds are your business will experience a server failure, power outage, or even a natural disaster that takes down your IT system. Is your data backed up? Can it be restored in a timely manner? Can you operate during restoration? How would you operate without your data?

According to IDC, at least 15 percent of small to medium-sized businesses are doing absolutely no data backup. Is that you? Or, perhaps you’re one of the 60% that is only backing up on a local, onsite storage device. If that’s true, should your local device be destroyed, your data will be lost forever.

Answer I.T. offers image based backup solutions with file level recovery for servers and workstations. With our solution, Small & Medium business have affordable and robust protection against data loss and server failures. Your server can be quickly virtualized so that you can be up and running again in minutes. You can choose from services which are:

  • Completely in the cloud without the need for an on-premise appliance, or
  • With an on-premise appliance for even faster file and server recovery.

The costs associated with downtime include:

  • Lost Employee Productivity
  • Lost Sales Opportunities
  • Lost Customers & Damaged Reputation Costs
  • Delayed Order Fulfillments
  • Data Loss & Labor to Recreate Lost Data

Our business continuity solutions can be provided with our without our Managed Advantage managed services plan.