Small & Medium Business

Did You Know?

7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within one year.

(Source: DTI / Price Waterhouse Coopers)

Business downtime is costly! Gartner estimates the cost of downtime for computer networks to be at least $42,000 per hour.

A survey by CA Technologies showed that 35% of respondents think that downtime can harm customer loyalty.

Answer I.T. provides small and medium business owners with their own cost-effective I.T. department. Every business is unique, so we develop a specific technology management solution for each customer.

We can handle all the routine, time-consuming maintenance on your computers and networks such as patch updates, virus scans, antimalware scans, backup verification, disk utilization, and more. Using our advanced monitoring capabilities, we address most issues before they cause critical failures.

We consult with you and your business, finding the unique traits that your company has, so our Network Engineers can design your network around your business. We offer comprehensive I.T. management, cloud-based server redundancy to recover from server failure, data backup, cloud storage, and more.

We all know data loss and computer or network outages are extremely harmful to business productivity. Answer I.T. can work with you to ensure you have a business continuity plan in the event of a disaster or unforeseen server failure. We can help you reduce downtime, increase operational efficiency, and help control network operating costs.

Focus on your business. We’ll focus on your network!



Answer I.T. has been a terrific partner for our small retail business. Before we opened our specialty shop which sells gifts, art and practical supplies for backyard chicken keepers, we worked in much larger organizations, primarily in media, marketing and communications. Surprisingly, our experience with Answer I.T.’s roster of knowledgeable consultants has been even better and more efficient than when we had in-house I.T. staffing at our former jobs. We’ve found Answer I.T. to be incredibly easy to work with – smart, fast, available and conscientious. Enlisting their help from our store’s inception was one of the best business decisions we made. Highly recommended!

Susan C.