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About your current support services

Your 24x7 Support Services

Your support services for you and your guests has remained uninterrupted.  A new and separate company named HBNS, LLC has been providing these services to you since January 15th.  They have been providing these at no cost to you thus far.

All support and network operations staff from Answer I.T. have been hired by HBNS.  This will help provide a continuity of service to our customers.

A representative from HBNS will be reaching out to you to get new contracts signed.  All though there is no scheduled date currently, those customers which do not sign up for services or who we can not contact will lose support services.

If you have a $0.00 leased router from Answer I.T., HBNS will discuss this with you.  Should you not renew services and have such a leased router the use of this router will be terminated.

You can reach HBNS at 714-735-3834 and ask for Saray.

Thank You!

Thank you all for being our customers over the past 14 years.  I will forever grateful for your business and having had the opportunity to work with all of you!


Brian Becker